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About me

My name is Andy Mikhaylenko. I’m from Russia. It’s somewhere to the East of Europe, you know. Europe is somewhere on the map. The map is somewhere else. We have maps in Russia. I have a couple of maps, too. That’s endless recursion, man.


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  • I enjoy learning. As long as it’s fun.
  • I like simplicity in everything. As long as it’s not boring.
  • I appreciate silence in thoughts. Meditation helps introspection.
  • I speak Russian and English fluently; also Czech — somewhat fluently.
  • I understand Italian but have trouble speaking it.
  • I can unreliably understand German, Spanish and French.
  • I’ve scratched the surface of Chinese, Flemish and Norwegian languages. Whatever this statement sounds like.
  • Used Perl for seven years, ended up with a complex project, started prototyping parts of it in Python, now using Python since 2007.
  • Python is the most comfort programming language I’ve found so far.
  • I dislike pure JavaScript but like CoffeeScript and LiveScript a lot.
  • I dislike HTML but can do rather complex things with it (and CSS).
  • I prefer free software. Freedom comes at a cost but it’s usually worth it.
  • GNU/Linux as default OS since 2004.
  • Web development since 2000. Created Django-AutoSlug, EAV-Django, etc.
  • Experimented with DBs and data modeling. Created Doqu and Monk, contributed to Pyrant.
  • Liking CLIs so much that even wrote Argh.
  • DRY, YAGNI, KISS and all that stuff.
  • TDD, Agile and whatnot.
  • A long-time pet project is a simple but powerful PIM.
  • See Code.
  • Biking.
  • Digesting bits of Cognitive science, including Psychology, Biology, Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Listening to music...
  • ...and playing music (wholly electronic, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, Đàn môi, drums).
  • Design.
  • Languages.
  • As a child, I used to dream of writing a book. A big one. Or two. So I tried. But never finished. Because it turned out that though indulging myself in weaving long intricate textual structures did provide enjoyment, it had little to do with conveying a message. A message that deserves being delivered also deserves being concise. Most books are akin to what I wished to write: they are long – and then they have a couple of underdeveloped ideas if you are lucky enough. I think silence is better than noise. So I don’t read much (though I like it) and write as less as possible (see Words).
  • Reading: Bradbury, Горин, Jerome, Herriot, Платонов, Babauta, Jansson, Шендерович, Стругацкие, ...
  • Watching films: Данелия, Захаров/Горин, Jarmusch, Antonioni, Kubrick, Тарковский, Tati, Monty Python, Gilliam, Švankmajer, Хитрук, Lynch...
  • Tao (as philosophy, though I didn’t actually study it well)
  • Agnosticism and “lazy evaluation” (don’t judge until you have to)
  • Vegetarianism
  • Liberalism (you are only free when you set others free; wúwéi – watch and don’t touch)
  • Tolerance
  • You never know your tomorrow, have fun.

Contact information

neithere at you-know-the-google-mail-service dot com