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I’m a Software Developer with primary focus on Web Development.

Check my code repositories at BitBucket and their mirrors at Github.


Some links may be out of date as certain projects are in the process of moving to Github.


Most recent/active/popular applications:

Other projects I created or was involved into:

Also participated:

  • django-organizer with Guilherme Gondim
  • contributed the Linux config to Martin Tournoij’s battray (patch applied on 2011-07-13)
  • SHPAML — Steve Howell’s HAML-like abstraction for HTML (I’m among its maintainers it since 2011-04-10)


I translated a number of software projects to Russian language. If some of these translations go out of date, please feel free to nudge me.

Bitbucket, 2010-03 (1st changeset)
django-registration, 2009-10 (the changeset)
gmail-plasmoid, 2009-05
django-diario, 2009-02
django-photologue, 2008-10 – issue #79 still not accepted (as of May 2009)
snapboard, 2008-10
django-forum, 2008-10, 2009-02
kdesvn, 2006-09-09, 2007-12-21 – I do not maintain this file, because a) it’s rather large, and b) I don’t use svn (and. therefore, kdesvn) anymore.
Trac, 2006
templates lacked gettext support so I only translated them for my team members while we we developing MRN. There are no files left.
Dogma W4, 2005-03