Python, Music, Laziness


Here’s a list of software I’ve been using for the last years.


Role Name When used
OS-distro ASPLinux 2004?..2007?
OS-distro Fedora Core 2005?..2008?
OS-distro openSUSE 2006?..2010?
OS-distro Ubuntu 2009?..2013-01-14; 2015…2016-08
OS-distro Arch Linux 2011-10-09… (laptops)
OS-distro CentOS 2016-08… (work)
DesktopEnviron KDE …2010-02
WindowManager KWin …2010-02
WindowManager Fluxbox 2010-01..2010-02
WindowManager PekWM 2010-02
WindowManager xmonad 2010-03..2010-08
WindowManager Awesome 2010-08-29..2012-01-14
WindowManager wmii 2012-10-22...2013-04-17
WindowManager i3 2013-04-17…
WebBrowser Firefox ~2003-04..late2009
WebBrowser Chromium late2009..2010-04
WebBrowser Vimium 2010-04..2010-11-26
WebBrowser Vimperator 2010-11-26..2010-12-18
WebBrowser Pentadactyl 2010-12-18…
WebBrowser dwb 2014-08-10…
WebBrowser vimb 2015-02-06…
TermEmulator yakuake …2010-02
TermEmulator urxvt 2010-02..2010-08-29
TermEmulator Roxterm 2010-08-29..2013-05-04
TermEmulator urxvt 2013-05-04..2013-06-18 (segfault)
TermEmulator Roxterm 2013-06-18..cca2014-01
TermEmulator LilyTerm cca2014-01…
AppLauncher krunner …2010-02
AppLauncher dmenu 2010-02…
NetworkManager knetworkmanager …2010-05
NetworkManager nm-applet 2010-05..2013-01-14
NetworkManager wicd-curses 2011-10-11..2012-01-14
NetworkManager netcfg/netctl 2012-01-14…
AudioMixer kmix ?…late2011?
AudioMixer gnome applet 2010-05
AudioMixer alsamixer ~2010?…
TimeTracker Hamster 2010-04…2014-01-03
TimeTracker Timetra-Diary 2010-09-05…
PIM Timetra-PIM 2012-05-30…
Calendar Lightning 2011-01-11..2011-10-12
FileManager Konqueror …~2009
FileManager Dolphin ~2009..2011-10-23
FileManager Ranger 2011-10-23… (very rarely)
ScreenManager arandr …?
ScreenManager xrandr ?
KBLayoutSwitcher kxkb …2010-09
KBLayoutSwitcher setxkbmap + script 2010-09…
KBLayout dvorak 2010-12-21…
ClipboardHelper klipper …?
SystemInfo inxi 2013-01-31… (very rarely)
X11 Compositor compton 2016-09-08 (w/CentOS only)


Role Name When used
E-Mail Alpine 2010-09-09..2011-01-11; 2011-10-12…
E-Mail Thunderbird 2011-01-11..2011-10-12
IM Kopete …~2008/2009?
IM Gajim 2011-09-25..2011-10-31
IM freetalk 2011-11-01..late2011


Role Name When used
ImageViewer Gwenview ?…2011-10-15
ImageViewer feh 2011-10-15..2012-01-18
ImageViewer sxiv 2012-01-18…
MusicPlayer Amarok ~2006..2010-04
MusicPlayer Clementine ~2010-04..~2011-10
MusicPlayer Foobnix 2011-03..2011-04
MusicPlayer mpd+Sonata ?
MusicPlayer mpd+ncmpc 2011-10..2012-03-09
MusicPlayer mpd+ncmpcpp 2012-03-09…
VideoPlayer Kaffeine …~2009
VideoPlayer MPlayer ~2009..~2011
VideoPlayer VLC ~2011….
DiskBurner k3b …?


Role Name When used
ProgLanguage Perl 2001..2007; 2015…
ProgLanguage Python 2007…
TextEditor Kate 2004..2010-03
TextEditor VIM 2010-02-28…
VCS Subversion 2006..2008-06
VCS Mercurial 2008-06…
VCS Git 2013-06-17…
VCS-Frontend kdesvn …2008-06
UMLEditor violet ~2006
UMLEditor umlet ~2006
IDE kdevelop …~2007
IDE Eclipse ~2007?
DB-Frontend MySQL GUI Tools ~2006..2008?
DB-Frontend sqliteman ?


Role Name When used
TextProcessor LibreOffice ?
TextProcessor Google Docs ?
TextProcessor docutils ?
Reader antiword ?
Reader apvlv 2011-11-02..2012-10-26
Reader zathura 2012-10-26…
Reader mupdf 2012-10-26..2013?

Image Creation

Role Name When used
VectorEditor Inkscape ?
RasterEditor GIMP ?

Music Creation

Role Name When used
SoundEditor Ardour especially 2014.. (even donating)
MusicStudio LMMS  
DrumMachine Hydrogen  
LiveSynth Bristol  


Role Name When used
StrategyGame Wesnoth  
StrategyGame Civilization IV  

(To do: find a free alternative to the shady Skype. Try Gizmo, Wengophone, Jabbin)

Notes on Arch Linux


  • Dvorak For Programmers in AUR:

    • programmers-dvorak (setxkbmap --layout dvp)
    • programmer-dvorak-console-map (loadkeys dvp)

    However, I have long switched to normal Dvorak; moreover, it may be not worth learning as Colemak offers comparable speed but a smoother learning curve. Haven’t tried it though.

  • with SLIM:

Development/production server OS
any decent GNU/Linux distro (such as debian) or freebsd


web-based agile project management (supports Scrum)
web-based project management and bug/issue tracker
ToDo lists
todoist (online tool)
light & smart ToDo-list service, good keyboard shortcuts (until ~mid-2009)
vym (View Your Mind)
mindmapping tool. Keyboard-friendly.
mindmapping tool with ability to build large documents from mind maps. Less keyboard-friendly.
a GUI for iptables (yes, I know, a true linuxoid must _remember_ all the stuff, but...)
a professional genealogy program

To (Re)-Try

Some apps were found unsuitable, some I haven’t even tried yet, but all apps listed here are interesting in some sense.

Project Management

  • TaskJuggler
  • GanttProject
  • GanttPV
  • OpenProj
  • Maven

Relation mapping

Time tracking